Monday, January 4, 2010

Our Christmas Trip: Part 3

Part 3:  Christmas Day! And the stuff that happened afterwards (i.e. our 2nd Anniversary)

Of course we spent Christmas morning giving and upwrapping gifts.  My favorite was probably giving my parents a "Very Official Looking Coupon."  We knew we'd be taking a big family photo in a few days and we wanted our gift to be the actual picture.  So my talented Ben drew up a coupon Christmas morning while I nursed Ellie.  My favorite part was how he very official he got; the coupon reads
"Good for one family photo of the family of your choice.  Redeemable only at Ben and Summer stores worldwide, see store for details.  Act before Jan 1 2099 and receive one free 5x7 of the baby granddaughter of your choice." 
I think there was more, but you get the idea.  We had actually printed out a 5x7 of Eleanor, but forgot to bring it.  The saddest thing was that I forgot to bring the gifts I had made for my niece and nephews!  I was so sad, because I wanted to see their faces when they opened them.  When I gave the butterfly wings and cape to my Lewis nieces and nephews it was so fun to see their faces as they put them on (especially Sam saying something to the effect of "S for Super Sam!  I'm so excited!").  Oh well, I'll just have to mail them.  We gave Ellie some bowls and spoons because we are going to start solids!, and diapers (which, btw, were really terrible-don't by Parent's Choice in Nevada. We discovered that they were made by a different company and the tabs are terrible and she practically wiggles out of her diaper!). 
We also celebrated our second year of blissful marriage by going to the Las Vegas Temple, where we were married, while my mom babysat Ellie (who still refuses a bottle, but whatever).  Ben bought me Pirouette cookies, which was wonderful.  My cousin Mike and his wife Jess gave us Pirouettes as part of a wedding gift and we got the biggest kick out of reading the label on our Honeymoon.  It's been a big joke between us ever since.  Here's why it's so funny (best if read out loud in a serious voice like a romatic commercial):
"If you revel in refinement, if you delight in detail, if you etertain with a passion, then you will appreciate the elegance of Pirouette rolled wafers by Pepperidge Farm.  Long. Slender. Graceful. A pastry-like wafer, baked to a delicate crisp, surrounds a rich, creamy chocolate hazelnut filling.  Perfectly balanced and absolutely delicious. Dessert for eight? Coffee for two? That special moment just for you? Turn a simple serving of ice cream in to a sophisticated dessert for your guest.  Transform a quick coffee with a friend into a lingering heart-to-heart. Pirouette rolled wafers are the perfect way to make everyday exceptional."
Now you know what you can do with an English major-write superflous labels for Pepperidge Farm.  I know that was a long tangent, but I love it! 
We enjoyed celebrating two years together in a very simple way!  Perhaps next year we'll do something "cool." 
I feel as thought I ought to say more about our anniversary. We've done some crazy things already (live in the worlds's tiniest apartment, move to Texas seemingly without reason, drive across country with a baby), and we've yet to have an arguement.  But really I feel very content in the ordinariness of our marriage.  We're best friends and we've agreed that it's best to look for the best and accentuate it because that's how we can encourage each other to becoming even better.  This post is getting long, so perhaps I'll elaborate later on some of the thoughts I'm having right now.  In the meantime, here are some picture of Christmas!

We went to my Aunt Karen's house for brunch on Christmas morning and took a picture of all of the current Konold great-grandkids. 

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  1. Amazing, because Parents Choice is my favorite! It holds the most pee and rarely leaks. I guess things fit everyone differently. Looks like ya'll had a good Christmas. Happy New Year!