Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our Christmas Trip: Part 1

We spent Christmas with my family in Pahrump, and I was a little sad to leave, mostly because I don't know how soon we will see them again.  But we had a great time there for Christmas and New Year's Eve (and my dad's birthday and our second anniversary).  My brothers gave little Ellie lots of love, and Ellie couldn't get enough of her Grandma and Grandpa Brown.  My niece and nephews were too fun to hang out with and I wish I would have taken more pictures of Miriam playing with Ellie.  I wish I had taken more pictures period.  But, enough with that.  Let's get the story started.
Part 1:  The Two Day Drive to Nevada
We were very brave and took two days driving from Texas to Nevada.  Ellie...survived.  She was actually pretty good most of the time, but was exceedingly happy to finally arrive at our destination and not have to spend all day in the car seat (as were we).

Ben became a master diaper changer in the strangest of places.

Ellie had some driving lessons...

Ironically, we stopped at this exit on the way there and back to feed Ellie(good ol' Exit 103, Jolly Rd in Arizona).

Whenever we would stop and go to get Ellie out this is the cute little face that greeted us.  She was always super happy to get out of the car!

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  1. That's pretty brave! I don't know if I could handle the 2 day drive ;) I'm glad you had fun in Nevada for Christmas..... We were a little north in Alamo and I wish the time hadn't gone SO fast! I love family gatherings..... In fact, I cried when we left. So much for being a tough adult ;)