Friday, September 10, 2010

Japan has little people and BIG bugs!

It's Saturday.  I love Saturday mornings.  Ben made pancakes for breakfast and we were have a grand ole' time.  I went into our "backyard" to spray some bug spray because we had some ants coming in the house (and because I had a crazy spider dream).  And then I look up and see this on the side of our house.
It's a HUGE CENTIPEDE (thing, not sure if it is exactly a centipede, but who cares, it has many legs and it freaked me out)!

I hope this does some justice to the scale of the the thing.  Ben says the length of the body is only about 2-3 inches, but including those nasty long legs it's more like 5.  Might has well have been a foot long by the way I reacted.
Other than this little suprise, we are doing great.

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  1. We have those here in Salt Lake! There was one in my room once. It is actually called a house centipede. They are good to have around cause they are known to eat all the other bugs. But yes they are nasty looking!