Saturday, September 4, 2010

We Drove in circles

Yep, we braved driving to Tokyo.  Ben was the navigator and I was the driver, but we still got turned around a lot. But if we hadn't gotten a bit lost, we never would have found this sublime example of Japanglish. 

Really we went there to buy a mattress off someone that was moving.  We survived.  I'd say it's not something we'll do again soon, only we have district conference for church tomorrow and it's up at Yokota Air Force Base.  Which is north of us and a little west of Tokyo.  So we bought a GPS system.  Let's hope it helps.

Besides finding the GasPanic Club, this was the best thing I saw all day.

Ellie and Ben were reading together.
Ben's reading about numbers and Ellie is reading about Jesus...

...and wearing all of her necklaces, which she loves to do.  It's all good.

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  1. Love your new "masthead"!!!! It's so Japaneeezeee. Miss you guys.