Saturday, September 25, 2010


Ellie's a bit of a skinny-minny.  Pants in her "size" are always too big.  Even pants that are 6-9 month are frequently too wide in the waist, though usually a little short.  So I borrowed a friend's sewing machine and have been "fixing" some of her pants.  But I recently bought a pair of women's legging shorts for about $2 and refashioned them into leggings for Ellie.  They fit perfect and are so cute on her (I'm biased, whatever).  I'll definitely go back and buy some more cheap leggings to refashion.
Then I went crazy and cut an old "pre-baby/nursing" shirt and made her a little tunic.
It turned out fine.  There are some things I'd do differently but she's a doll.

I know other moms must run into this problem (I swear that children's clothing manufacturers must think that all babies are little buddhas). Where is a good place to find pants for skinny babies?


  1. Gymboree makes things pretty slim. :)

  2. In Japan? no clue! But I always liked The Children's Place. Ethen was always skinny too! Wish I was creative enough to "fix" his clothes!

  3. yea i dunno where is a good place in japan...BUT! rylie is VERY tiny for her age infact she is 12 months now still in 6 month clothes. i have this problem all the time!! Hurley makes way cute jeans for little girls and they have those built in belts that are awesome to re adjust the size of the waist. and also old navy usually has them in most if not all their jeans too. that usually helps me buy a pair of jeans that fit the size and length of her legs and then the waist just adjusts to her tiny tininess :) hahaha

  4. I'm in the same boat with both my girls. I have found things hit and miss over the years at the usual haunts, Target, Old Navy, etc. Typically, European designers cut clothes thinner: Zara Kids (soooo cute but expensive) and H&M Kids. I frequent H&M Kids often. I'd say half the time I find something I like. Their jeans are the ONLY ones that fit Annabelle.

    My absolute fave place for skinny minnies: Du Pariel au Meme. I found DPAM in Paris and continue to order their stuff once or twice a year. Shipping is expensive but I don't pay taxes and their stuff is priced reasonably.

    I just checked: there are two H&M kids in Tokyo. One in Shinjuku and the other in Musashimurayama.

    FINAL PLUG: continue to sew your own stuff if you can. I can justify buying some stuff for Annabelle since Eleanor lives in pretty much 100 percent hand-me-downs. But at Ellie's age, my girls just lived in cute tops and leggings, so if you can make them, go for it!