Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We listen to Broadway online

And Ellie loves dancing to it sometimes. Sorry the video's a little shaky.  I was trying to scoot back to get her whole body, but it didn't work.  Anyway, she's a hoot. 
Also, I realize that technically "Newsies" isn't Broadway, but don't you think it should be!?


  1. I'm still surprised it isn't...if they can do Legally Blonde, the Little Mermaid and Spamalot....give it time, it'll get there

  2. That's funny. I turn on Pandora (are you familiar with that? If not, you should be) to a Broadway station for Ty and I to listen to. And about Newsies, I've heard that stage versions have been attempted, but nothing has worked quite right. If it's done, it has to be done well. You have an adorable and fun daughter!